Upgraded to Slackware 13.0!


since its release a few days ago,  I upgraded my slackware from 12.2 to 13.0.

[ Official Announcement ]

Running on kernel, and was patched with Speakup to enable speech synthesizers.

Everything seems to be nice on my Thinkpad R61i.The X packages was reworked and i did zero config on X to make it work with my intel 965 chipset. The acpi component works as usual. Bundled with KDE 4.2.4, Firefox 3.5.2, Seamonkey 1.1.17, it should be more intuitive.

I’ve installed Compiz 0.8.2, and through a quite an adventurous voyage, I FINALLY get it to replace kwin.

refer to my compiz post


slack 13


I’ve also updated my pentest tools based on Backtrack 4 pentest.lzm. Got a few glitches and some new dependencies which needs to be resolved. Upgraded aircrack-ng to 1.0 rc4. The new airmon-ng will create another interface for Monitor mode, based on your chipset, which in my case is mon0, Intel 3945ABG chipset. Seems the injection and other functions work as expected. For information on how to crack WEP, refer to my simple wep cracking post.

Xine, now seems to be more stable, while amarok still reside under my low level of expectation.


Wine seems also been undergoing major improvements, as most of my standalone exes manage to run as expected.

These are the list that I’ve tested and running fine,

  • VMWare 6.5.3
  • Crossover Pro 1.7.0
  • WinRAR 3.9.0 (win32)