FileNet Image Services / Content Services / Content Manager Migration


Hi all,

I just want to share what I did back when I was migrating FileNet System,

I’ve managed to extract about 140 million pages including the metadata, which translates up about 25TB of storage space. These data will be extracted by staging workstations and stored in a temporary storage for export.

During the exercise, some key point to take into account is,

  • All equipment for migration such as staging workstations, network switch and temporary SAN storage needs to be in the same segment of the FileNet Content Server to avoid unnecessary network issues.
  • I’ve developed a custom and fast migration module based on FileNet’s API to handle the migration process from FileNet Content management Server to the staging workstation.
  • All staging workstations will be hardened to make it secure from unauthorized access and the security of the data extracted, and is isolated from other networks. No outside network communication is needed.
  • The module I’ve developed require minimal or zero human intervention during processing as it is automated, however, it is required to handle the exception as they occurred for further escalation.
  • It is proposed that migration activities to take place after office hours, from 6:00PM to 6:00AM, in order to avoid any disruption to the current production. However, if there is minimal impact on availability, it can continuously run 24/7
  • Reports are generated daily and weekly stating the progress of the migration activity.
  • The timing / duration of the exercise varies depending on volume and availability.


To visualize how it works, here’s an example diagram of a FileNet System and the Migration Workstations

Example Diagram

The concept is virtually the same, regardless of the Application version, eg: FileNet Image Services / FileNet Content Manager. It’s a bit complicated if I want to cover this part, but know that I have done both, and find common grounds to simplify the hard part.

I’m a certified IBM ECM/IM Specialist and have a vast experience in FileNet / Datacap even before IBM acquired both company.

Do contact me if you require more details on this.

You can reach me via LinkedIn .