new life in Aussie…


Salam all, It’s been a month since I’ve came here.

It is very challenging here as I am still jobless. I’ve been applying here and there for any IT related jobs but most replied I get is unsuccessful. I think maybe the guys here favors their citizens more.

I’m currently at South West of Brisbane. A 2 hours drive seems to be longer than I thought since the speed limits here are ought to be obeyed or else you would get summoned. RM300 is already a big amount, what about AUD300 per traffic offence? hahahha. I’ve never drove the car more than 100km/h since that’s the max limit at the motorway. I didn’t really enjoyed driving as much as I did in Malaysia.

My 1st goal here is to get an Evo X to be brought home. The price here is lower compared to Malaysia. A standard Evo X is about AUD70k whereas in Malaysia is about RM320k. Damn.

Screenshot_2013-03-21-11-18-14 Screenshot_2013-03-21-11-20-06

If I didn’t get any job next month, I will have to fall back to my backup plan, just getting a Lancer Ralliart. hahaha..Dream on!