Installing slackware in ARM devices



Hi all, this is some guide on how you can install slackware on your ARM device.

This is based on the documents by Stuart Winter on installing slackware on ARM devices.

check it out here..Installing Slackware on ARM device

Slackware ARM

There’s also an update on site, says that alienBOB is working on Slackware ARM hard float port….

Slackware ARM hard float port now in progress
By mozes on 02-Apr-2013

Eric Hameleers (alienBOB of the Slackware Core team) has begun a 32-bit ARM hard float port of Slackware. This port will allow Slackware users to maximise the performance of the newest ARM devices (ARMv7 and greater). The project is currently focusing on supporting the Samsung 2012 ARM Chromebook.

See Eric’s ARM blog for progress.

So i guess later on the whole process might be a little simple than the previous one. here’s the link to his blog.