Angkasawan Malaysia? Astro NOT? CosmoNOT


Angkasawan malaysia? seems like a joke to me…. the whole thing was just a field trip. Nuthin more than a field trip. But at least, this was one of Malaysia’s biggest exploration after everest. Why? our angkasawan went there, doing nuthin! sit around and thinking how they are so lucky that their goverment paid 10billion to sent them up there.

Well, this is something i found disturbing. Why?

In my point of view, i think that our first step to send these angkasawan there was a mistake. They should actually focussed on some kind of educations, funds, to leverage our involvement in aerospace technology. I’ve been waiting for 10 long years now, hoping that Malaysia would have a facility such as NASA in the US.

If what our PM says is true, i would like to see it in 1-2 years period.

Well, if we don’t have that facility, at least education such as astrophysics, aeronautical studies, space exploration studies, should be in place long before we actually send “malaysians” into the space.

In time, this however, is progressing, but, if we want to be as experts as US and Russia, we need to hyperspeed up our pace in aerospace technology.

I think by the time malaysian were able to land on moon, they have already conquered mars as a secondary earth.

If given the chance, i would joining NASA with the Constellation Program.

well… we definitely wont see malaysian to inhabitate mars…. at least, not in my time… 🙁