Action on anger: Defuse the anger triggers


Hi all…. I have always been in control of my temper except while driving…. im not sure about others but i hate it when somebody in front of me is slower and didn’t want to let me pass by driving to left lane. If you drive a slower car, please keep left.

But now, Im trying to view it from a different angle. I am trying to understand what if im in their shoes and I wanted to try not to get angry with the situation.

Anger is bad, if it keeps you doing destructive things. I’ve learnt that now. It is actualy an act of maturity to control one’s emotion, which is true. From now on, I will try to control it in order to produce a peace of mind while driving. I will never get easily angry while on the road again.

I’ll start with Phase 1 : Anger Defusement while driving:-

1) Don’t get angry

2) Don’t get angry

3) Don’t get angry

4) Don’t get angry


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