My new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music


hahahahah just bought the new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. Its been so long since I had a new phone. The last one was Sony Ericsson W550i. Why now? Why 5800? OK let see.. most of my choice are made of outstanding functionality. I was looking for a decent 3 in 1 feature of a phone, which is 3G, GPS and WiFi.

1) 3G – I had a 3G simcard, which i haven’t used. What’s the point having a 3G card without having the chance to use it? hahaha can see people summore in video call.

2) GPS – I travel a lot, so GPS might come in handy…( really eh? haahahha) more like to detect speedtraps in highways….Hey! i got a few tickets already…. damn! Installed Garmin XT 5.00.30 + malsingmaps + custom POIs. The guys at were really great. Thanks to them these maps made it as official maps for Garmin.

3) WiFi – haha…. whats the meaning of mobile internet (apart from 3G / GPRS and data carrier shit) if the UNSECURED and LESS SECURED access points were not utilized? hehe

the touchscreen is also cool…

here are some screens from my XM5800.

 iPhone2 Theme iPhone Theme  GPS   GPS Roadblocks


Currently trying my luck to bypass the signing issue. It is very useful, but for me, more like the developer type, i need to get through the shit. Its quite annoying.haha.