Necro Carpathian Army….Al’Araq Zarab Lepaca Kliffoth..

nickname yuzdaboyz


email yusri[at]

location petaling jaya

hometown kulim, kedah

1st distro caldera linux

fav distro slackware


aku.. akula sapa lagi…aku yang sepertimana yg aku kenali, adalah aku… dan aku adalah aku…sukar diertikan, sukar diduga, sukar segala-galanya, i made things to be complicated!

– kalau pasal komputer, bleh kata semua benda aku suka….

I SAY *xxx* A LOT! haha…

– cinta??? a lot of bull***

It\’s not enough to have a dream, unless you\’re willing to pursue it. It\’s not enough to know what\’s right, unless you\’re strong enough to do it. It\’s not enough to learn the truth, unless you also learn to live it. It\’s not enough to reach for love, unless you care enough to give it. Men who are resolved to find a way for themselves will always find opportunities enough; and if they do not find them, they will make them.

–  pasal nick aku tu… jangan salah faham. actually, it was formed based on this.


In computer security, a hacker is a person who specializes in work with the security mechanisms for computer and network systems. The subculture around such hackers is termed network hacker subculture, hacker scene or computer underground. While including those who endeavor to strengthen such mechanisms, it is more often used by the mass media and popular culture to refer to those who seek access despite these security measures. Accordingly, the term bears strong connotations that may be favorable or pejorative.


-oid is a suffix much used in the sciences and mathematics to indicate a “similarity, not necessarily exact, to something else”. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, -oid is derived from the Latin suffix -oides taken from Greek and meaning “having the likeness of”.

So, jadi la hacker20id. but in anyway, you can still call me yusri.

Please email me if you need to send some feedback to me.. thanks.