Garmin Voice Editor – Edit VPM files for your GPS devices


Hello guys, using this tool, we can actually edit the voices in our Garmin GPS Devices.

Voice Editor v0.8 (Freeware)
Requirements: Garmin GPS capable of running .vpm voice files; Windows PC
Overview: this program will let you split a .vpm file into many .wav files, allowing for a later replacement of such files with your own .wavs, finally rejoining them into a new .vpm which you can upload to your device.
Tested WORKS: under Garmin Mobile XT, latest version (V5.00.60w). Should run with any Garmin Nuvi series, and devices capable of running .vpm files.

Important note: you may run into problems when choosing the recording settings. For instance, it is recommended that you choose this format: WAV (Microsoft 4 bit IMA ADPCM, quality: 89 kbps, 22050 Hz, mono, 16 bit), but in my experience, also PCM quality worked, with 352kbps, 22050hz, mono, 16bit).


1. Unpack voice_editor.exe to your computer. This is a stand-alone executable file and doesn’t need installation. You can even place it on your desktop if you want to.

2. Click on Edit–>Change Language ID. A pop-up dialog will appear on your screen asking you to choose the voice file you want to hack. Select a voice. Before you proceed to #3, make a back-up copy of your voice file in case you mess it up. You can highlight the voice you want to change, right-click and select “Copy”, followed by “Paste”. A copy of that file will be made in the same folder as your voice file.

3. Next, a language ID window will appear. Choose an alternative voice. This is where the magic starts!

4. Exit the program to save your changes. The new language ID will not be written until you exit, so remember this.

5. Install your updated voice file into your Garmin unit and select the voice file based on the new language ID.

6. Perform a simulation route to a destination that takes you through a roundabout.

7. Monitor the simulation and note the voice prompts carefully. If it gives you the wrong prompts (especially roundabout exits), it means that the language ID is not suitable for that voice file. Change the language to something else until you get 100% or at least 95% correct results. (thanks Stratman2 for these instructions)

you can find a more detail tutorial by searching google.

Garmin Voice Editor 0.8

For TTS, you can use TTSVoiceEditor. please go here: