Beautiful Shanghai


At last, I'm back to Malaysia. I went for the 5th FileNet ECM partner summit in shanghai from 20/05/2008 till
23/05/2008. Well, i dun wanna talk about work here, just about the trip. it was a nice trip. Landed at Pudong
international airport, 1 hour taxi ride took us to the Okura Garden Hotel in
Shanghai. It was a Japan influence hotel. Well, Shanghai was only a little
different from Hong Kong, where there are only a few people running around
compared to Hong Kong. hahaha

I've been walking around the area. and found a few places and found a few
shoppin spots.

Nice, but no money to buy… hahahhaa

Overall, nice place to go…. but be careful, a lot of bad
guys also there… take care of your belongings and make sure u speak chinese or else there will be some stupid moron that wont understand u and lead to stupid things.